Mysterious Night Hedge

Holztiger Wooden HedgehogHolztiger Hedgehog

There’s something in the hedge,
a loud something in the hedge!
Grab a light and let us see,
There’s something in the hedge.

There’s rustling in the hedge,
spooky rustling in the hedge!
A snake, a mouse, a grub, a worm?
There’s rustling in the hedge.

There’s grunting from the hedge,
peculiar grunting from the hedge!
Could it be a farmer’s pig?
There’s grunting from the hedge.

It’s time to solve the mystery
and lay our fears to rest.
Let’s reveal the rustling,
grunting something in the hedge.

Move the leaves, poke the light –
deep into the plant.
Here you’ll find a prickly friend
munching on an ant.

Folkmanis Raven

Did you know?

Folkmanis Raven

Folkmanis Raven Puppet

Ravens have captured man’s attention throughout history. Native American folklore is woven with stories of ravens – loved for their intelligence and mischief. They appear in Celtic myths and Hindu legend. Europeans believe ravens are a bad omen signifying death, but there are seven resident ravens kept it the London Tower to protect the crown. Ravens mate for life and usually occupy the same nest year to year. The female lays green- or gray-hued eggs with olive splotches in a nest built with branches and lined with fur. Both parents feed the chicks which are born naked with pink mouths. Ravens are territorial, but it is believed neighbors and friends will help each other in time of need. There is a social hierarchy in raven society. Social status can be observed by looking at the color of their mouth – as a bird becomes more dominant, the mouth gets blacker. Known as a wolf bird, ravens can be found eating with wolves. Ravens cannot open a carcass and rely on the wolf to rip through the tough hide. Ravens will alert predators to possible prey knowing a kill means food for themselves. Because of their intelligence, ravens love to play tricks. They can be seen pulling eagle tails and wolf tails. Brave or foolish? That depends on the outcome.

Folkmanis Rooster Crows for National FFA Week

Folkmanis Rooster PuppetFood for thought – this week is National FFA Week, a week to celebrate farmers!  Any Future Farmer of America would strut around the barnyard and crow about Folkmanis Rooster with his bright red comb and handsome tail feathers. Ask the Rooster and he’ll tell you, he is all about agricultural education, grain farming and free range, egg laying poultry farms.  Folkmanis Puppets encourage everyone to “grow your ideas”. Hug a farmer and a Rooster!

(The FFA is sponsoring a can food drive this week, FFA Week Can-do – fight hunger. Contact your local chapter if you are interested in donating.)

Kathe Kruse Towel Dolls

Kathe Kruse Luckies Lamb Towel DollKathe Kruse Towel Dolls provide comfort and security for baby. Towel Dolls are the perfect companion from the first day of life: they take smells after mommy and home, calming baby and helping to fall asleep. The Towel Doll can accompany baby through the day and snuggle baby at night. Cuddly soft materials as cotton fabrics, terry fabrics and Nicki Molton nestle gently on baby’s skin and can be safely taken into the mouth. During teething time the knotted ends are great for chewing and sucking.  The towel design gives tiny hands plenty of places to grab and hold. Kathe Kruse Towel Dolls are a Kathe Kruse classic.

Want to see how a Kathe Kruse Towel doll is created?                                                    Click the image below to watch the video.

Kathe Kruse Towel Doll Video

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Just the sound makes you feel a little lighter and adds a smile. Every Valentine is a little different, some shout it out from the roof top and others slip a chocolate  into a lunch box. Some will buy flowers and dinner, while others will light the fire and sip tea. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for sweethearts any more. It is a day for all of us to say “I love you” to friends and family, too. However you celebrate, here’s wishing you a lovely day.


Elf Elfine