A Look at Holztiger

Holztiger FamilyHolztiger wooden animals and figures are known for their whimsical expressions, smooth finishes and minimalistic design. The end product that we hold in our hand is charming and captivating, but what is Holztiger? We want to know more.

Holztiger headquarters are located in Guester, Germany. Guester is a quaint village located in the north of Germany, about 40 minutes east of Hamburg. Holztiger figures begin here – as an idea.

Holztiger Swabian-Hall SwineWhere do these ideas come from? Children learn from the world around them. Holztiger designers create figures children will encounter in their daily lives, communities and books allowing children to relive what they have seen and experienced in real life and nature. This cycle of observation, interaction and play develops understanding, creativity and problem solving skills. Holztiger designers are careful to keep the figures minimalistic to encourage imagination. Vibrant colors are chosen for Holztiger figures because they are known to awaken a desire for exploration and discovery. Add the Holztiger friendly expression and you have a winning combination.

How do you make a drawing come to life? After the conceptual phase, a contour of the figure is made. These contours are stamped onto thick wooden boards. These boards are native maple and beech wood from forests in southern Germany. Holztiger lumber Holztiger Gnusuppliers are certified by the German government and adhere to sustainable management of their timber resources. What does this mean? Sustainable management creates the ability to keep a system running indefinitely, nourishing the needs of the present and future generations and maintaining economic viability without depleting resources. Simplified, they are tree farmers planting and harvesting trees so there will be trees to harvest tomorrow, forever. After stamping, the figures are cut out with a saw. A number of different steps follow to smooth off the rough surfaces and edges. The wood is then primed and sanded one last time to its satin finish.

Next, Holztiger artists hand-paint each figure with water paints. This iHolztiger Moles where the animals start taking on a personality. Water paints are not only environmentally and people friendly, they allow the natural grain of the wood to show through. Holztiger suppliers for paints and varnishes are all German manufacturers. Their products conform to toy safety standards and are subjected to regular inspection. All paints, varnishes and wood stains are water-based and free from harmful and toxic solvents. To ensure the figures are resistant to perspiration and saliva, each figure is subsequently hand-painted with a final protective coat of water lacquer.

Our Holztiger is almost ready. The Holztiger figure has its smooth satin finish accented with vibrant-colored water paints and a friendly expression all sealed under a protective water lacquer finish. What could be missing? The Holztiger logo, that’s what. Once the Holztiger logo is stamped on the figure, it is sent to quality control for one final test. Next stop is your playroom.

Holztiger – from large forests to small hands.

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