Schleich Figures

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Schleich is one of Germany’s largest toy manufacturers. Their products sell in over 50 countries around the world. The company was founded by Friedrich Schleich in 1935. Schleich headquarters still reside in Schwäbisch Gmünd in southern Germany.  Production locations include Germany, Portugal, Tunisia and China.



Inspiration for Schleich figures is drawn from nature, collaboration with international experts and Schleich’s most critical fans, the children. These ideas are drawn and developed into a workable design. The final drawings are sent for approval before the modelers begin. The modelers take the approved drawings and begin to form thSchleich Figuree figure from wax. They are careful to include all the details Schleich is so well known for. Once satisfied with the figure, it is sent once again for a final check and approval. Next step is to create a resin cast from the final wax figure. Resin casts are used to create production tools. These production tools are painstakingly refined by hand until the production pattern for each figure meets the high quality requirements.  Schleich figures are then hand painted making each figure unique.


Schleich understands children are our future. They are important to everyone in our society. The toys they play with need to be the best quality from a safety, educational and entertainment aspect. All Schleich products meet these requirements. Schleich sets regulations for their products which are even stricter than the law. All Schleich suppliers are held to strict quality control.

Schleich FigureSchleich is headquartered in southern Germany. They also have production centers in Portugal, Tunisia and China. All production premises are regularly visited by Schleich staff to ensure fair and socially supportive working conditions.

The main materials used to create Schleich figures are plastic and a plastic softener. The softener was developed and tested by BASF. These materials have been approved for use in the toy industry as well as food packaging and the medical field for things such as blood bags and breathing tubes.

Impact:Schleich Figure

Playing with Schleich is old-fashion role play. There are no rules, limits nor instructions. This encourages limitless creativity and imagination. There are no limits on where you play or how you play. Schleich figures help promote children’s development. Through imagination and creative play Schleich figures help them to learn sustainable values which will prepare them for a joyful and positive life.

Schleich – a miniature world for little hands.



Ravensburger  PuzzleJigsaw puzzles made their debut in 1760. John Spilsbury, a London engraver and map maker, is credited with inventing the jigsaw puzzle. He laminated a map onto a sheet of hardwood and cut out the various countries. Jigsaw puzzles were primarily an educational tool, used to teach British children geography.

By the end of the 1800th century, puzzles were being produced on plywood and were displaying more than maps. The images were laminated on the front of the board and the pieces were laid out on the back in pencil. These pieces were then cut using a saw. Puzzles were created this way for the next hundred years. Cardboard puzzles come on the scene in the late 1800’s but were mostly created for children.

Ravensburger PuzzlesThe new century brought another change to puzzle production. The pieces were now die-cut using large metal cutters and hydraulic presses. Puzzles were becoming affordable for the masses. Both wooden and cardboard puzzles could be made with the new technology.

The 1920’s and 1930’s were the golden age for jigsaw puzzles. They could be found in weekend parlors and on kitchen tables. Much was discussed over a good puzzle. Puzzles depicted serene scenes and were marketing tools for various companies. A large boost to the puzzle industry was the “weekly”. Starting in the September, 1932, a new puzzle was released every week. The puzzle was a favorite past time during the Great Depression. The new technology and inexpensive material meant a puzzle was a good deal of entertainment for a small price. The puzzle was also “recyclable”, being used over and over.

Ravensburger PuzzlesPuzzles are a solitary or a social event. They promote spending time together and a feeling of accomplishment when finished. Puzzles are still educational, reduce stress and help engage the mind. Grab a puzzle and become addicted to an age old game of what goes where.