A Fox in a Field

WoolPets Dry Felting KitA patch of poppies danced through my field, a merriment of color. Crimson splashed across a canvas made of ochre yellow.

It twirled and spun through empty stalks and hulls of early harvest. Touched by daisies high and low, white highlights accenting color.

The silhouette of a bumble bee zoomed and zigged and zagged, gaily bumping and bouncing along, carefree on an autumn day.

Four black paws, they pranced along, connecting one to all. Poppies, daisies and bumble bee all answered to one call.

For there in that flowery meadow scene, stood a little red fox in an empty field of beans.

Create your Fall with WoolPets Dry Felting Kits.

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Anchor Stone – The Merchant’s Tower

Anchor Stone Set 26AA wealthy merchant built this tower, tall and strong and straight. He filled it with his riches and a son and a dog and a mate. They lived a life a human would with happy days and sad. The tower learned a many things about the merchant and all he had. Time, it caught the merchant and his loyal dog and mate. They live beneath a different stone and passed a pearly gate. The son, he grabbed the riches and ne’r was seen again, but the tower stands upon the place where it has always been.

This tower was built with Anchor Stone Building Blocks. Anchor Stones blocks are all natural, being composed of a mixture of sand quartz, chalk and linseed oil. They look and feel like real stone. The blocks are manufactured in three colors to simulate terra cotta brick, natural sandstone and the blue slate of European roof tiles. This gives the finished structures a lifelike quality. Anchor stones are hand-finished to a high degree of accuracy, making it possible to build very complex structures. The weight and texture of the blocks are sufficient to hold the building together. There is no need for glue nor other fixings. Let your imagination go, enjoy creating with Anchor Stone.


Folkmanis Bunny Patch

Folkmanis Dutch Rabbit BabyCute Folkmanis bunny seeking employment: Experience includes snuggling, entertaining and role-play. Will bring laughter and merriment to the workplace with my soft, long ears and animated paws. Need some extra help dying eggs, baking hot cross buns, glazing the ham? I’m your bunny. Contact me.

Folkmanis has been making furry, friendly puppets since 1976. Puppets encourage imagination and role-play, valuable skills for life. Viewed as the industry leader in innovative design, Folkmanis puppets develop creativity, promote hands-on discovery, encourage interaction, teach fine and gross motor skills, help develop early language, and become a child’s lovable companion to be treasured for years.


Make and Create with Woolpets – an Easter Lamb

Woolpets Needle Felting Sheep

Looking for something extra special for your Easter table this year? Fluff, roll, shape and poke a Woolpets Lamb for the occasion. Easy to follow step-by-step photo instructions provided in the Woolpets kits will guide you through the technique of needle felting. Most projects take less than two hours to complete. All you do is fluff the wool, roll it into shape and poke – the more you poke the denser the wool becomes. How does it work? Wool binds when heat and friction are applied. Woolpets provides a super cool way to learn the art of sculptural needle felting.

Folkmanis Long-legged Frog

Folkmanis PuppetsTop o the mornin’ to ya! Folkmanis’ Long-legged Frog would like to make your acquaintance. Always dressed for a good Patty’s Day party, this green hopper loves dancing the slip-jig and a good reel. As the fiddles and flutes wind down, Folkmanis Long-legged Frog will  nestle your little Shamrock to sleep. Go Green!

Folkmanis has a varied collection of hand puppets, finger puppets and stage puppets. They bring another dimension to reading books and telling stories. Puppets promote creativity and help develop problem solving skills.

Mysterious Night Hedge

Holztiger Wooden HedgehogHolztiger Hedgehog

There’s something in the hedge,
a loud something in the hedge!
Grab a light and let us see,
There’s something in the hedge.

There’s rustling in the hedge,
spooky rustling in the hedge!
A snake, a mouse, a grub, a worm?
There’s rustling in the hedge.

There’s grunting from the hedge,
peculiar grunting from the hedge!
Could it be a farmer’s pig?
There’s grunting from the hedge.

It’s time to solve the mystery
and lay our fears to rest.
Let’s reveal the rustling,
grunting something in the hedge.

Move the leaves, poke the light –
deep into the plant.
Here you’ll find a prickly friend
munching on an ant.

Folkmanis Raven

Did you know?

Folkmanis Raven

Folkmanis Raven Puppet

Ravens have captured man’s attention throughout history. Native American folklore is woven with stories of ravens – loved for their intelligence and mischief. They appear in Celtic myths and Hindu legend. Europeans believe ravens are a bad omen signifying death, but there are seven resident ravens kept it the London Tower to protect the crown. Ravens mate for life and usually occupy the same nest year to year. The female lays green- or gray-hued eggs with olive splotches in a nest built with branches and lined with fur. Both parents feed the chicks which are born naked with pink mouths. Ravens are territorial, but it is believed neighbors and friends will help each other in time of need. There is a social hierarchy in raven society. Social status can be observed by looking at the color of their mouth – as a bird becomes more dominant, the mouth gets blacker. Known as a wolf bird, ravens can be found eating with wolves. Ravens cannot open a carcass and rely on the wolf to rip through the tough hide. Ravens will alert predators to possible prey knowing a kill means food for themselves. Because of their intelligence, ravens love to play tricks. They can be seen pulling eagle tails and wolf tails. Brave or foolish? That depends on the outcome.