Motion – HABA Marble Runs

HABA Building Blocks

HABA marble runs are an excellent study in Kinematics – the study of motion. Release the marbles and watch their progression. HABA‘s interchangeable blocks allow creativity in track design. Connect long ramps to rolling hills and looping tracks. HABA even offers musical elements.  The smooth surfaces of wooden tracks and glass marbles reduce the friction so gravity can work at its best. Fast is fun and so is slowing a speeding marble or sending it looping. Experiment. How slow can it go and still make the loop? How fast can it bank the next corner? Redirecting elements let the marbles decide their ride. HABA has a myriad of interesting extension sets, all compatible with each other. Creating and testing new track designs is a study of basic physics. Release a marble and observe Newton’s first law – objects in motion stay in motion. Understand the effects of friction and gravity on the marbles as they speed, loop and curve down the run. Experience the force when they knock down dominoes. Watch the energy transfer when they collide with resting marbles. HABA marble runs entertain and educate all ages.